Best Free AI Tools

A Guide to the Best Free AI Tools on the Internet

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries at a rapid pace. While AI was once limited to large tech companies, free and open-source AI tools are now making advanced technologies accessible to all. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most useful free AI tools available online and how they can benefit users.

Best Free AI Tools

DALL-E 2: An Image Creator for the Masses

One of the most impressive free AI tools online is DALL-E 2, an image generator developed by OpenAI. Using DALL-E 2, anyone can create realistic images simply by describing them in plain English. The tool has gained popularity for its ability to generate highly detailed images from text prompts. Some examples include generating images of fictional characters, landscapes on other planets, or conceptual art designs. DALL-E 2 makes advanced AI accessible to creatives and helps unleash the imagination.

Restore Old Photos with GFP-GAN

Preserving memories and history is important, but old and damaged photos can be difficult to enjoy. GFP-GAN is a photo restoration tool that uses GAN technology to repair and enhance old images. With a simple upload, GFP-GAN can automatically remove scratches, brighten colors, and sharpen details. The restored photos look more vibrant and clear. This is a great option for restoring family photos and historical images without the need for advanced editing skills.

Automate Machine Learning with JADBio

Machine learning is powerful, but developing models requires expertise that many lack. JADBio is an AutoML tool that automates the machine learning process to make it accessible to all. With JADBio, users can build machine learning models for tasks like classification, regression, and forecasting without coding. It handles data preparation, model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and deployment – taking the complexity out of ML. For those new to machine learning, JADBio is an excellent starting point.

Generate Marketing Content with

Creating high-quality marketing content can be time-consuming. is a free AI writing assistant that generates human-like text based on simple prompts. Marketers can use it to draft blog posts, product descriptions, social media captions, and more at scale. The AI understands the tone and style required for different types of content. While the tool won’t replace writers, it streamlines content creation and allows focusing efforts on strategy and refinement.

Create Engaging Videos without Video Editing

Lumen5 is an AI video maker that transforms written text into professional-looking videos. By analyzing text, it selects relevant images, video clips, and background music to bring the content to life visually. Users don’t need video editing skills – they simply write a script and Lumen5 does the rest. This makes it easy for businesses, educators and creators to produce high-quality videos and leverage the power of visual storytelling.

Improve Writing with

For bloggers, marketers and students, writing clearly and effectively is crucial. offers free AI-powered writing tools to help streamline the writing process. Users can get feedback on tone, style and clarity to improve drafts. The AI assistant also helps generate outlines, summaries and related content. For those who struggle with writing or want a second opinion, provides an invaluable free resource for enhancing one’s writing abilities.

Separate Music Stems with

Music production requires isolating different elements like vocals, instruments and drums. is a free online tool that uses AI to do this automatically. It can split apart an audio track into separate stems for vocals, bass, piano, drums and more. This allows easy remixing, sampling or adjusting individual elements independently. As a free option, opens up new creative possibilities for hobbyists and professionals alike.


This overview covered just a few of the many free AI tools available to help users be more productive and creative. As AI becomes more accessible, these types of open-source solutions will continue to democratize advanced technologies. For individuals, startups and SMBs, free AI tools provide an affordable way to automate workflows, enhance digital content and stay competitive. As the technology advances, expect to see even more powerful free solutions emerging online.


Are these AI tools safe to use?

Most free AI tools do not store or have access to sensitive personal information. However, it’s still important to read privacy policies and understand what data is collected and how it is used. In general, tools from reputable developers that don’t require personal details tend to be low risk. As with any online service, exercising caution is advised.

What skills are needed to use these tools?

Many of the AI tools mentioned require little to no technical skills., Lumen5, and are very user-friendly writing assistants. JADBio automates machine learning workflows. DALL-E 2, GFP-GAN and have simple, intuitive interfaces. The only tools that may require some background are those dealing with complex data like JADBio. But overall, these were selected for their ease of use by non-experts.