How do I Operate Netspy to Hack Facebook?

The Netspy software collects all the data of facebook from device of the person who is the target and shows them in a Control Panel that can be accessed from an Internet Browser and only with a special username and password. Furthermore, check how to hack facebook.

To start using Netspy, you can check if the device you would like to monitor is compatible. It must have Android operating system. You can try its trial version or proceed with the purchase. The official Netspy page is where you can make the purchase and the input link is

After this you will receive an email where your account details will be available to access the Personal Control Panel and installation instructions. You will need physical access to the device to intervene, open your browser and enter the link to download the tracking program and continue with the setup. Learn how to hack facebook via Netspy.

When you download the Netspy software, you confirm that your intention is to use it in a legal manner. With this we will say that you will use the application only on your own phone, that of your minor children or on the owner of a device that was consulted and agreed to be monitored.

To prevent facebook hacking

Go to Facebook and click on configurations, then look for an account, there will appear the security option which will give you options such as: generating code, trusted contacts, recognized devices, etc.

These options are good as they avoid hacking, the code generator will send a code to your mobile whenever you want to log in. The notification of login will send a message to your phone that someone has logged in.

The option of recognized devices will make that when Facebook notices that you have logged in to another device, temporarily block the account.