How is Geo-Fences and How to Benefit from It

How is Geo-Fences and How to Benefit from It

Likewise, to complement the current GPS location to locate mobile GPS, Phonetracking includes the option of Geo-fences, with which you can create a kind of barrier or virtual border that allows establishing a perimeter and once you enter a permitted area or if these barriers are transferred to prohibited areas, the application will send notifications. Learn more how to use it at

How is Geo-Fences and How to Benefit from It

Benefits of using Geo-Fences to locate mobile

  • Establish permitted and prohibited zones with no quantity limit.
  • Know when and how often you visit a particular area.
  • Receive notifications every time the Geo-fence is transferred to enter or leave it.
  • Consult the history of the mobilizations of the device in a map of easy and comfortable reading.


All this is in a respectful way and not invasive to privacy.

Reasons to use Geo-Fences to locate mobile

With Geo-Fences you can be calm, without worries because it allows you to know if some of the configured devices are in a prohibited area.

You can create safe areas in a perimeter of the house or school of children in order to know in real time if something unusual is happening or in any way threatens the safety of our loved ones.

It allows knowing if any of the devices have been stolen and where it is located, making it easier to locate them.

The data is stored confidentially on mobile devices allowing secure and private access to the location of each of the devices.

It is also to check if the workers are really in the right place, without deviating to use the time of work in personal matters or if they are victims of some act of insecurity that makes them leave the route involuntarily gives an additional benefit to this application and is one of the most important reasons to use it.