4 Important Android Applications

Today, life simply seems impossible without smartphones. There is an application for everything and these applications have made life very easy. From a long list of applications available for the Android platform, users make their selections according to their preferences. Here are 4 popular Android applications which should be on your smartphone.

  • Fleksky


Having issues with the keyboard of the smartphone is a common problem that people face. Some smartphones have a keyboard with complex options and you would find it quite hard to type simple messages. You can put an end to this problem by downloading Fleksky on your Android phone. This is a superfast keyboard application that puts an end to all your typing issues. The best thing about this keyboard is that it has an easy to use interface and the user does not have to search for options.

  • Prisma


If you like playing with your pictures and modifying, Prisma is one application that you should have on your smartphone. The method to use this application is very simple. Simply browse your phone and select the photo that you want to be used. Once the photo will be uploaded, the display would be automatically changed to an artwork format. After that, you can choose editing options from a full scaled palette.

  • Google Maps

Google Maps

This state of the art application by Google has turned location finding into an extremely easy task. You simply need to enter your location and the complete route will be provided to you. Google maps also has an audio guide who keeps announcing destination location, kilometers left and various other details while you are driving.

  • Run Keeper

Run Keeper

RunKeeper is a superb application for people who want to lose weight and stay in shape. It keeps complete records of the kilometers run, weight loss, weekly routines and various other parameters.