Attaching Server and Monitoring App – Two Ways to Hack Whatsapp

We currently find many websites that are dedicated to offering Whatsapp hack services for free, and in this article we will see if they really work and if they are a good idea to spy on WhatsApp. First we would like to present why to hack Whatsapp.


Some of most thought-out reasons to hack Whatsapp

  • You want to see what messages have been sent from your phone.
  • They have played a WhatsApp joke on you.
  • You would like to check if your children are telling the truth.
  • You are concerned about the safety of your children and want to make sure that no one is cheating them.
  • You are the person’s legal guardian and you need to read the messages you send (for a force majeure reason that you consider).

Learn more how to hack Whatsapp

Virtually anyone who wants to spy on a WhatsApp conversation can do it in two different ways: Attacking the server or monitoring the device (monitoring apps) using Spyadvice. Learn more at

Instead of attacking the servers and trying to steal encrypted files, we can do something much more subtle and effective, and is to monitor the screen of the device in real time.

Anyone can guess that the two ways of doing the same thing differ a lot in terms of the procedure.

Use Spyadvice for Facebook or Whatsapp

If we are Facebook users or use the WhatsApp message application and we want to spy on a friend of ours who also uses it, we can do it using this app.

With this app, you can see some “hidden” data from the other person’s chat, such as messages and the time of last connection (even if the person had this option disabled). It is possible that we can download the conversations that our friends have maintained.