The Best Options for Android Games

Even if someone is not a gaming freak, he would have games in his smartphone. People keep downloading games as their preferences change. People opt for action oriented games, mission games and detective games according to their likes. Here are some of the best android games which you should look at.

  • Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the best games for you if you like mission oriented games and using your intelligence to pass stages. In this game, the player is placed in world where he has make his place and get his existence known. As a player, you have to kill people who have harmful intentions. Along with that, you need to save your resources to cross gaming stages. You can also win a creative mode where you can get food and other resources without any restriction. It is an exciting game and requires a lot of strategic planning to move ahead.

  • Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

If you are someone who likes the Mario series, you would definitely be impressed with the Android mobile version. Just like all the previous gaming options, this version also requires the user to jump over hurdles and crush enemies by hitting them on their head. The download of this free but this version offers limited stages. To get your hands on the full game, you need to download the paid version.

  • Real Cricket

Real Cricket

There is no doubt that Real Cricket is much better than all other cricket names in terms of graphics, sound and player moves. However, you need to have a lot of memory on your phone.  This game allows options to select your own team and list of 11 players.  You can choose from a large number of game modes as well. For instance, if you want to play the fastest format of the game, you can get your hands on the T20 format and make records. This game offers a lot of options to the players and   they can choose from a wide range of domestic and international teams.