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The Top 4 Android GPS Applications

Android is one of the most successful smartphone applications. It offers a variety of applications for each category. With so much technological advancement, you can download free GPS applications for route tracking and finding your destination. Given below are top 4 android GPS applications that you can download on your phone.

  • Here WeGo

Here WeGo

When you are using a GPS application, an important thing is data connection. Very few GPS applications provide you with the option to work in the offline mode and “Here We Go” is surely one of them. Even if you do not have data connection, you can download the maps and use them in offline mode.

  • Google Maps

Google Map

There is no doubt that Google Maps is by far the most popular GPS application. It has a voice guide as well. As soon as you mention a destination, you would be guided by voice assistance. You can zoom in and check the location of each lane. To work in the offline mode, you need to adjust the settings download map files. However, the application has a file size restriction that has to be followed.

  • Co Pilot GPS application

Co Pilot GPS application

According to a lot of people, Co Pilot GPS application is a better alternative than a lot of other GPS applications. Once you have entered the destination, the application would offer three routes along with traffic conditions. You can choose your route according to your preferences. This is a light application and you can download it without having a lot of memory on your phone.

  • Polaris GPS application

Polaris GPS application

Polaris GPS application is an option with a high compatibility level. When you are searching for maps, it connects you with map options using Google Maps, Map Factor and various other applications. It offers a large number of map options to the user through different GPS platforms.