How To Tighten A Garage Door Chain?

Is there a chain attached to your garage door for closing and opening it? Then it may get loose sometimes and create issues.

I will therefore show you how to tighten the garage door chain in this article.

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Tightening The Garage Door Chain

To make the garage door chain tighter, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • The distance between the garage door and the motor on the rails of the garage door opener should be measured. The middle point on the rail can be determined by dividing the measurement in half. Mark the centre of the rail with chalk. The chain should sit 1/4 inch above the chalk mark on the rail once it has been adjusted.
  • When you open the garage door, you will see the trolley on the opener rail. Metal trolleys with emergency release lines slide along rails as garage doors open and close.
  • Once that’s done, a stepladder will be needed to reach the trolley. Find the metal flange that is connected to the trolley shaft and thread through it. Above the trolley are the shaft and flange. The threaded shaft connects the chain to the trolley. Locate the inner nut closest to the chain that screws onto the trolley shaft. A lock washer is located between the inner nut and the trolley flange. The trolley shaft is then threaded with an outer nut that rests against the flange.
  • With an adjustable wrench, rotate the inner nut anticlockwise to move the washer and nut away from the trolley. When moving the trolley and tightening the chain, turn the outer nut clockwise with the wrench. Watch the chain slack above your chalk mark while turning the outer nut slowly. Make sure the chain’s bottom is 1/4 inch above the railing’s bottom as you turn the outer nut.
  • To remove the inner nut from the chain, turn the adjustable wrench anticlockwise. Keep turning the outer nut until the washer and nut are snugs against the flange. A washer and outer nut secure the inner nut and keep the garage door chain tensioned.

That’s it.

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