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Fixing The Sensor On Overhead Garage Door

Sensors in the overhead garage door are used as safety measures to avoid closing doors on the people or any other object. They located a little bit above the floor on each side of the door. It is advisable to call in an overhead garage door repair service to fix the problem. But if you want to fix the sensor by yourself then follow these simple steps which allow you to fix the sensor properly:

Garage Door Repair Aumsville, Lafayette

  1. Remove all dust from the sensor.
  2. Loosen the small nuts that hold each sensor to the L-brackets with a wrench. Loosen the nuts just enough so the sensors remain facing each other and can be moved by hand.
  3. Adjust each sensor in small increments by hand until the green or red power-indicator lights on each are illuminated. This indicates the electric eyes are aligned and the circuit is complete. Tighten the nuts on each sensor.
  4. Cycle the garage door open and closed as before. If it does not close completely and without hesitation, continue to the next section to troubleshoot the electrical circuit.
  5. Things you might need are Clean rag, Small adjustable wrench, Stepladder, Small screwdriver, Electrical pliers, Double-strand insulated low-voltage wire (optional).
  6. The sensors use low voltage circuit, sometimes the wires are improperly connected near the sensors. Some installers may twist the wires together and use electrical tape to cover them (image above right). If a connection like this fails, it should be reconnected with wire connectors. Small blue or gray twist connectors work well.


Do not work on electrical or low-voltage circuits unless the power cord is unplugged or the appropriate breaker is turned off at the electrical panel. But if you are in Aumsville or Lafayette call in for professional garage door opener repair before the matter gets worse.

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