The welcome bonus has always been a hot debate in the forex market in these recent years. In this topic, the question “What are the top best welcome bonuses in 2018?” is the question that I received a lot these days. So, today, in this post, I will give you the answer to this question as well as provide more information on the selecting process as well as other related ìnformation.

So, the top 3 best welcome bonuses of the year belong to XM, FBS and FXTM. This ranking is 100% based on all the data as well as information that I gathered and collected from trusted sources. Specifically:

  • XM
  • FBS
  • FXTM

In my opinion, among these 3 brokers, the broker that owns the best welcome bonus forex is XM since it already has a name in the market and it also offers its customers a 100% deposit bonus for new deposition.


Next, I will briefly explain my ranking and how I ranked them. As you all know, I am an experienced trader with 5 years in the market and finding standards to evaluate a broker or a bonus takes me more than 3 years to complete. All the standards that I’m about to list down are based on my opinion, so feel free to take it as a reference. In order to rank a bonus, I will check the withdrawal conditions (whether it is easy or not), its value and the most important factor- the broker’s prestige. In details:

  • Easy withdrawal conditions: This is the thing that every trader are looking for. But in reality, we are only able to count those brokers, who let us withdraw the actual bonus money, on the fingers of one hand. Most brokers these days only allow traders to withdraw the profit they make from the bonus when they acquire the required trading lots. And of course, the least lots are required, the more favorable the broker is. In the top 3 above, XM requires the least lot (with only 0.1 lot). Running right behind is FXTM with 1 lot and finally is FBS. The FBS condition is actually quite different from those two above. The value of FBS welcome bonus is 123$ and traders can get 3$ when they finish 1 trading lot. Let’s take a look at this case: In 7 days, you earn 60$ profit from trading the bonus, to withdraw all of them, you will need to complete at least 20 lots.
  • High value: It’s clear to see that as the value is higher, the bonus will become more attractive since traders always seek for a big amount of money. I will list down the value of my top 3 bonus above so you can see it for yourself. Holding the first place is FBS with the highest value in the market right now 123$. The second place both belongs to XM and FXTM with 30$.
  • The broker’s prestige: Yes, this is the factor you will always have to consider as the most important factor. And among the top 3 above, XM has the highest prestige, so please take it into consideration before choosing your broker.

Now, I will further introduce some other types of brokers in case you want to know more. Besides the welcome bonus, there are also deposit bonus and lot back bonus.

  • Deposit bonus: A deposit bonus is a bonus that is offered to customers when they create a new deposition. The amount of this bonus is usually calculated on the basis of the percentages from the total deposited money.
  • Lot back bonus: It is a different type of bonus which is only offered to those clients who have been trading with that broker for a great amount of time.  those brokers are usually new to the market.

Now, let’s learn about the withdrawal conditions. As I stated above, we actually are rarely allowed to withdraw our bonus directly. Instead of that, we will have 2 types of condition to consider

  • For some brokers, you can only withdraw your profit when you complete their required trading lots.
  • For some other brokers, you will not be able to withdraw your bonus directly. It is due to the fact that there are a lot of cheaters who are aiming at the bonus money and make a profit for themselves.

And, whether traders should work with a broker with good bonuses or a broker that has a low spread rate will depend 100% on their own trading strategies. But remember that the most important thing that we need to consider is the broker’s reliability. For your concern, I will also list down the top 4 bonuses that I personally consider belonging to the best forex brokers in the world:

  • Best welcome bonus: the 30$ welcome bonus of XM.
    • Best welcome bonus: the 50$ welcome bonus of FBS.
    • Best deposit bonus: the 100% deposit bonus of XM.
    • Exness Bonus: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot of Exness.

Finally, I will show you my two easy methods to cheat the bonus. Of course, we can only hack the welcome bonus.  For both ways to work,  you will need to open as many new accounts as you can.

  • Then, you have to hedge two accounts together to create 1 winning account and 1 losing account.By doing this, you can get up to a 50% chance to win. This cheating technique can only be used in the case that the brokers you are cheating are those with easy (or no) withdrawal conditions.
  • In the second methods, after opening many new accounts, you will take advantages of the broker’s high leverage to open big positions, then hedge them with other accounts to also make sure the winning rate is 50%. For this type of cheating, cheaters prefer high leverage brokers.

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