Top Reasons Why You Need an Anonymous VPS

Top Reasons Why You Need an Anonymous VPS?

VPS hosting is getting steam among web service providers all over the world, thanks to its numerous benefits. Virtual Private Servers can help online startup web businesses with high-performance and low-cost solutions while maintaining the quality of the service. The main benefit of going with Anonymous VPS hosting is that it provides you with the highest level of privacy and security you can’t find with other hosting options available out there. You don’t need to provide any personal information specifying your identity. You just need to provide an email and you are done. This is why it is considered an ideal choice for those who want to protect their anonymous website or blog.

Bitcoin VPS hosting is a term used to refer to VPS hosting service providers that accept BTC as a payment method and can bring you a VPS with quick deployment. Wondering how and where to find VPS hosting service providers who accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment? Well, it’s easy. A simple Google search with any of the following search queries may help you spot such service providers: Bitcoin VPS, Anonymous Services, or Bitcoin servers.

But before we discuss the topic in detail, let’s find out what exactly VPS means:

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the virtual selection of a physical server, which is loaded with an operating system (OS) and individual settings. What sets a virtual private server part is that a physical server can be distributed into several virtual servers, with each having different functions and settings. Although there are many advantages of shifting to VPS hosting, some of the key ones are listed below:

Top Reasons Why You Need an Anonymous VPS

Improved Website Reliability

On a shared server, your website’s performance can be affected by the activities of other users on the same server. If another website gets a sudden surge in traffic, your website may have performance issues, such as slow loading time, which can drive your potential visitors away and impact your conversions. Similarly, a hacked website is a threat to all other websites on the same server.

On the contrary, a Virtual Private Server brings you resources that are specifically allotted for your site and no one else. The activities of other users on the same server will no longer affect you, and your website will have its own space to be sectioned off. So, a VPS hosting plan is a good option from all aspects, ensuring a reliable experience for your visitors.

You Can Use Resources Your Way

Since a VPS has dedicated resources, you are free to use them in any way that best suits your requirements. This is another thing that gives VPS an edge over other hosting options available in the market. In shared hosting, you have little to no control over resource allocation.

When a user logs into their VPS hosting, they will know exactly what type of resources they have. They will have full freedom to use and manage their resources. This makes it easier to run multiple sites on the same plan.

Another key advantage of going with a VPS hosting plan is that you are not controlled by a single physical server. So, it’s a lot easier to expand your resources to meet your site’s requirements. 

Increased Site Performance

When you’re on a VPS hosting, your site’s chances of getting down or crashed are little or no, as your resources aren’t shared with other users on the same server. You enjoy an improved performance with less risk of getting down. 

Unlike shared hosting plans, VPS hosting normally offers a bigger allotment of resources. You will receive more storage, bandwidth, and even access to more advanced technology. Consequently, visitors to your website will experience faster page loading and be less susceptible to bounce away.

Moreover, users with a VPS have full freedom to scale their allotted resources if they experience a surge in their traffic. They will be happy to have access to those additional resources and features the next time they run a live chat, special promotion, and other events aimed at driving visitors your way.

Install Only Want You Need

With a shared hosting plan, you have limited choice to configure the server. Since the web host takes it seriously, they use the OS and applications that they want to use. Mostly, users are not aware of how the server is set up on a shared hosting plan.

Anonymous VPS hosting plans, on the other hand, provide choices based on your requirements. Many plans will provide you with multiple OS options, and an auto-installer as well for common development applications. You may also go with an unmanaged plan to enjoy full freedom over administration and installation.

Furthermore, a VPS is useful especially for web developers, as they can choose PHP version based on their requirements, or use node.js for their web development projects. They can also uninstall any applications they don’t need to free up the server resources.

A Choice of Services

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, many Virtual Private Server hosting plans provide you with a choice of services you can’t get with shared hosting plans. First off, you should see which plan best suits your requirements. It could be an unmanaged plan or a managed plan, depending on your needs and preferences.

An unmanaged plan brings you more freedom, but you’re responsible for maintaining and configuring your virtual server. If you can’t afford to perform such tasks, you can opt for a managed VPS hosting plan, where everything is managed by your web host. This way, you can give more time to your business and website.

If your business website is taking a long loading time, you should consider shifting to a VPS to take things to the next level. A VPS hosting plan provides you with a performance boost to deal with increased traffic. It’s a lot cheaper than a dedicated server.

Whatever VPS hosting services provider you pick, make sure they are credible and have a good reputation in the market. Stay away from those who are new in the market. Always look for an experienced and trusted name. You may also ask your colleagues or friends for their suggestions about a VPS hosting service provider.

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