How to Replace a Garage Door Remote Battery

Do you have a garage door remote that is not working even though you have pressed all the buttons? It may be time to replace the battery. Most garage door remotes use a small, round battery that can be easily replaced. In this blog post, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on How to Replace a Garage Door remote battery?


Replacing the Garage Door Remote Battery:

  • Determine the type of battery: Before you start, identify the type of battery your garage door remote uses. Most remotes use a small, round battery, commonly known as a coin battery.
  • Open the battery compartment: Locate the battery compartment on your remote. It is usually on the back of the remote and can be opened by sliding or pressing a button.
  • Remove the old battery: Once you have opened the battery compartment, gently remove the old battery using your fingers or a small tool. Be careful not to damage the battery or the compartment.
  • Insert the new battery: Take the new battery and insert it into the battery compartment. Ensure that you insert it in the correct orientation, with the positive (+) side facing up.
  • Close the battery compartment: After inserting the new battery, close it by sliding or pressing it back into place.
  • Test the remote: Finally, test your remote to see if the new battery has fixed the problem. Press the buttons on the remote to see if they activate the garage door. If the garage door opens or closes, then you have successfully replaced the battery.

That’s it.

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