Tips on Paraphrasing the Sentences

Tips on Paraphrasing the Sentences

Today, we are going to talk a little about the blessed question of rewriting sentences. We have separated tips to help you not fall into the trap that the bank tries to hatch:

Tips on Paraphrasing the Sentences

1 – Make a check-list of the main grammatical errors

To prevent any grammatical mistake, proceed to make the following analysis:

  • See if there are no concordance errors.
  • Make sure there are no punctuation errors.
  • Make sure there are no conduct errors.
  • See if there are no accentuation errors.

2 – Observe the change in words

Be careful with changing conjunctions and changing nouns. It is also necessary to keep an eye on the inclusion of verbs indicating obligation instead of possibility (“duty” instead of “power”).

3 – Pay attention to the position of the words

We are still thinking about the blessed change of meaning. It may be that the writer reverses the position of an adjective, pronoun or adverb. This change can lead to a change of original meaning. 

4 – Take care with generalization

It may be that, in the text, there is a reference to some terms and, in the rewrite, the editor alludes to all terms. This change creates a generalization, that is, it alters the original meaning of the text. The opposite can also happen: with the restriction of a text term.

  1. Read the text many times and gently

Some people do not pay enough attention while reading. It is essential to read the sentences many times to get the proposed ideas in a clear way. To ease the paraphrasing process, use article rewriter program.

Another determining factor is that with the internet we have texts that are fast, shallow and with great demand for information. So, some people, because they are used to this type of reading, tend to have more difficulty when faced with longer texts.